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About us

Educational & Cultural Travel LLC is a recruitment agency for international students interested in studying in the American and Canadian Universities. We are located in the state of Connecticut, USA, with regional offices in Egypt and  many agents in Saudi Arabia, GCC, Jordan and the rest of the Middle East.

We have noticed that miss-communications and language barriers, could be obstacles for international students to get admitted into American & Canadian Universities . For that reason, we have decided to bridge this gap, and to act as facilitator for the admission process !

Our team speaks both, Arabic & English.  Furthermore, the founder of the company was an international student himself and has picked up a diverse and talented team that is very well acquainted with the schools requirements and the needs of the international students.

Educational & Cultural Travel, assists the students from the moment they apply and throughout the whole admission process and beyond.

We understand that, when new international students first arrive to the US or Canada, they are faced with a totally new life, experience and a totally new culture.  Our mission is to make this transition as easy as possible!

Educational & Cultural Travel not only provides logistic support for both students and the Universities, but also offers and provides cultural support.  We introduce the international students to friends and families that can help them to mingle in the society and prepare them for their school life. Furthermore, we can provide, airport pick-up, housing, and we guide our students to Halal Food and places to worship.

Our main mission is to facilitate the admission process for the international students and to bridge the cultural gaps between the international students and their new society. We believe that good education will lead to economic development and a better understanding between different cultures, nations and therefore, a tool to promote world peace!